Relocation & Storage

We handle everything from moving, clearance and refurbishing to the key transfer from the landlord, and we know how the furniture is handled both gently and effectively through the process.

The same applies to the management of our warehouse, where we can help you store items and maintain an overview so that you optimise your logistics and purchasing.

Our wide knowledge of our customers' furniture, premises and requirements is beneficial in the event of internal and external moving projects.  This ensures that relocations are faster, more efficient and more conscientious.

A relocation consists of several different sub-tasks: Defining the task, Planning, Relocation, Servicing, Clearing the previous premises and Renovation.

Based on your needs, we are pleased to assist you with the entire project or certain parts of it.


With our moving service, an otherwise cumbersome relocation to new premises – or redeployment in existing premises – becomes a breeze.

Our trained service technicians and partners are experts in both our furniture and that of other manufacturers, so the move will not run up unnecessary costs in repairs.

Clearing & Renovation

We are happy to take care of everything so you don't have to think about anything other than your new location.

We therefore offer both proper clearance of the installed components and fixtures as well as refurbishment through our service partners for lease regulations.

We entrust the key to the landlord when we are finished with the project, and all work is performed by highly skilled technicians to avoid unpleasant bills later on.


We offer a variety of different options for proper storage.

Storage can be on both a daily basis or for longer periods, and in small or large quantities – our services are based on your needs.

When you use our furniture warehouse, you retain an overview of your furniture inventory and we make sure that we deliver quickly from storage – always handling your furniture professionally, of course.

We can also advise how best to deal with your furniture if it remains in storage for too long.

It allows you to minimise storage space, because we ensure that you make ongoing decisions on whether you want to recycle or dispose of your furniture.

Relocation and storage solutions

There are many things to focus on during a relocation project. We therefore view it as a great advantage that we can handle everything, and we know the importance of a smooth process that causes the least inconvenience for employees.

Our basic principle is that no relocation is completed until the last employee has his/her workspace and everything has been tested and inspected.

There are always questions from both employees and management when new things come into use. That's why we make sure that a service technician is on site when your employees come to work at the new location.

Reuse & recycling

We make an assessment of the old furniture before delivering the new

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B8 Service Academy

With a certification from our own academy, we ensure that everyone we work and cooperate with delivers the quality that the customer expects

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Our services

At B8 we care about every detail that concerns our product. In short, we are furniture geeks and we provide expertise and service for all of the furniture that we manufacture and distribute.

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