Delivery & installation

We are experts in everything concerning logistics from coordination and delivery to assembly and installation.

Below you can read more about our individual logistics services and our logistics service solutions.

Delivery and logistics

We have a wide logistical network that we utilise in our delivery of furniture and interior design solutions.

We cooperate with trusted service partners and sales offices all around the world, so we can act quickly and efficiently anywhere.

Our Service Academy helps installers with educating and training our service partners, so we can ensure you the same high professional standards for each delivery and installation of our furniture and interior design solutions.

Assembly and Installation

Our products are among the easiest on the market to handle, assemble and install.

Our customers can thus look forward to a fast, efficient installation team which ensures reduced production loss and increased time for the core business. 

Our own trained service technicians and service engineers are familiar with almost all furniture on the market and can quickly and effectively retrofit(?).

No job is too large or too small when it comes to the assembly and installation of furniture in your interior design. Quality is always second-to-none. And we do not leave the building until the job is finished.

Intelligent cabling

Orderly cables minimise the risk of accidents and allow more space for cleaning, providing a neater visual impression in the office.

We gather workspace cables into flexible cable covers and cable management sleeves. 

Our wealth of experience makes us highly effective when it comes to cabling projects.

This applies to both setting up new workspaces or relocations.



Logistics Service Solutions

With our packages, we guarantee the fast and efficient implementation of your chosen service solution.

We handle professional coordination, delivery and installation in which we look after your requirements and have access to all parts throughout the process.

In principle, all you have to do is approve the implementation schedule. We'll do the rest. 

We work with only certified partners whom we know and can rely on. This ensures fewer misunderstandings and errors, and achieves the highest possible quality in every aspect of the final result.

See how easy our tables are to install on location

Care & maintenance

Professional furniture maintenance helps to keep your furniture looking good for longer.

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B8 Service Academy

With a certification from our own academy, we ensure that everyone we work and cooperate with delivers the quality that the customer expects

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Our services

At B8 we care about every detail that concerns our product. In short, we are furniture geeks and we provide expertise and service for all of the furniture that we manufacture and distribute.

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