Care & maintenance

Professional furniture maintenance helps to keep your furniture looking good for longer.

As with cars, so it is important to have the right expertise and authorisation if the warranty and quality should last all the way from cradle to grave.

It ultimately results in greater value, which can transform your depreciation into an investment when it is time to install new furnishings.

Our fitters and service technicians have wide knowledge of our customers' furniture, premises and requirements, and this is beneficial in the event of internal relocations and removals between premises.

Furniture should always be handled with care. We know how to do it.


Waterproofing and Protection

If textiles and surfaces are to retain their properties and continue to be stain-repellent, resistant to sunlight and everyday use, it requires regular waterproofing and other protection.

For example, linoleum is a natural material, but it requires proper care and maintenance if it is to keep its attractive surface for many years.


Textile cleaning and Leather care

Regular cleaning is beneficial to most surfaces, and we are on hand to advise you if you are considering maintenance rather than purchasing new furniture.

For example, leather is difficult to salvage and refurbish for future resale purposes if it has not been properly cared for over the years.

A good textile cleaning removes stains, dirt, and other visible elements from the fabric without destroying textile fibres.

Repairs and Re-colouring

We have the professional expertise to handle major damage to textiles e.g. tears, holes, major stains.

When we do not have the expertise, we have service partners who can do it for us, so I do not have to think about other than to call us when something breaks.

It is undeniably easier to recycle or resell furniture that appears new, so employees or potential customers feel that they are getting new furniture and cannot see obvious damage from use.

Therefore we also offer a re-colouring service which gives furniture new life and – together with ongoing repairs – extends the lifetime and increases the value substantially during disposal.

Care and Maintenance Service Solution

We have a pro-active approach to service and a reactive approach to making improvements.

Our service is nationwide and we can be at your business within a few hours. Our experienced service people have spare parts in the vehicle and can also advise you on optimal maintenance, thus reducing the total cost of the product.

We make an assessment of your consumption and wear on the furniture, and on this basis we prepare a specific plan for service that ensures the best maintenance of your interior.

By maintaining the furniture you ensure both functionality and a rich visual impression that allows the product to keep its value from acquisition to disposal.

Linoleum maintenance

- Spray the tabletop with linoleum care fluid

- Distribute the fluid to an even layer with a dry cloth

- Let it sit and dry for about five minutes

- Wipe of the remaining fluid with the cloth


IMS - Interior Management System®

Our patented system offers you a unique local and global inventory overview and better opportunities to plan, manage, purchase and use your resources to the full.

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Total cost of ownership

We value a product by its entire lifespan through the cycle of use and not just at the initial cost of buying the product

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Our services

At B8 we care about every detail that concerns our product. In short, we are furniture geeks and we provide expertise and service for all of the furniture that we manufacture and distribute.

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