At B8 we look at the total of ownership of our product. We value a product by its entire lifespan through the cycle of use and not just at the initial cost of buying the product.

This means that we do calculations and estimate how much our customers will end up paying throughout the ownership of the product and what can be done to minimize these costs from choosing to use our products and services.

It can make a lot of sense looking at more than the price tag when choosing new furniture and interior design for the workspace.

Durable products with interchangeable parts, surfaces that are easy to maintain and frequent service checks makes it possible to hold value to the product stretching to the day they are to be sold or otherwise disposed of.

To be able to choose the right frequency and amount of service solutions for your needs, our service technicians help estimate the usage of your furniture and other interior.


In other words, a proper choice of product and service solutions may end up saving money when the old interior has to be replaced with new.

At B8 we focus on the disposal of the furniture and interior in our 2nd Life Programme, where we, besides disposing of the furniture correctly, also reuse, renovate and repurpose before we scrap, making the total cost of new furniture less compared to those who just throw out the old furniture.