B8 Service Academy

At B8 we are committed to ensuring quality in all our products and services.

We have therefore started B8 Service Academy, where we both train our own service staff and the partners that we work with.

With a certification from our own academy, we ensure that everyone we work and cooperate with delivers the quality that the customer expects.

All trainees undergo a minimum of six modules so that they become specialists in our products, assembly methods, delivery logistics and our approach to our clients.

In addition, we offer a range of relevant additional modules in first aid, ergonomics, driving techniques and environmentally friendly driving, languages and management.

We also train both partners and our own employees in our patented IMS - Interior Management System®, so they have expert knowledge on how it can be used to help individual companies.

A certification from B8 Service Academy is your guarantee that you can always expect good and professional service that we stand behind.

We also collaborate with production schools as partners in our service.

Here we give young people a thorough education through our service academy, where they gain practical experience and learn to meet exactly the same standards as our other partners.

Our services

At B8 we care about every detail that concerns our product. In short, we are furniture geeks and we provide expertise and service for all of the furniture that we manufacture and distribute.

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