At B8, we just love furniture.

We don’t think that old and used furniture should just be thrown away. We would like to give a new lease of life to furniture items that we collect for disposal. This is why we have established our comprehensive 2nd Life Programme, where we both help protect the environment and release resources for our customers.

We help implement circular economy within the purchasing, interior design and maintenance processes, so that the furniture can eventually be recycled, refurbished and re-used in new contexts and environments.

In short, we always offer to collect the old office furniture and fittings when our customers order new – it doesn’t matter whether the old items were bought from us or not.

We take the used furniture to our factory in Bjerringbro in Denmark, where a team of professional craftsmen are ready to assess how the furniture can be transformed for new purposes and requirements.


Recycling and Refurbishment

First of all, our craftsmen identify which pieces of furniture can be re-used in their present condition, where no work is required and then they look at which items need small repairs or refurbishments to be as good as new.

In other words, there is no reason for a customer to purchase 60 new chairs, if 40 of the old ones are of good quality and still in a good condition that a few new parts or a re-dyeing of the seats is all that is required for them to be as good as new.


If the customer so wishes, we will do everything we can to find buyers for the used furniture and fittings amongst our customer database or sell it at auction once it has been refurbished, thus releasing money to buy new.


We donate any furniture that cannot be re-used to charitable organisations, such as Kirkens Korshær who collect the furniture from our Bjerringbro factory and distribute it to their shops throughout the country where it is then sold to the public.

Proper disposal

After this, our craftsmen dismantle any leftover furniture and ensure it is disposed of correctly.

The waste of resources can therefore be kept to a bare minimum, and the occasional pieces that ultimately require disposal, will be sorted and disposed of in accordance with environmental regulations.

Think circular

Ultimately, there are great savings to be made for both our customers and for the environment when we think circular and re-use, refurbish, sell and donate old furniture and fittings instead of sending them straight for disposal.

At B8, we are ready to help transform the good thoughts into a workable circular economy plan, allowing our customers to keep a check on the impact on both their economy and the environment.

Contact us for an estimate of how much your company can save by letting B8 deal with your old furniture.

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