We focus on sustainability and circular economy throughout the entire lifecycle of our products – from raw materials, through the production process, to the products use and finally recycling. We place the same demands on our suppliers, and we have a strong focus on designing long-lasting products, that will both help the environment and will be beneficial to our customers’ total costs. 

The circular approach is visible in our selected furniture solutions, with most of them being modular, mobile and flexible. This means, the furniture can be updated with new parts, be re-used or integrated into new contexts. In addition to this, our comprehensive service concepts help to further extend the life of our products.

We offer a repair service, storage facilities and we also ensure the proper re-use, recycling and disposal of furniture. Via our IMS - Interior Management System®, we can register the individual customer’s furniture items so they can easily be surveyed and brought into play in a new way.


The CSR policy of B8 defines the foundation for dialogue and cooperation with our stakeholders, which include customers, suppliers, employees, public authorities and the local community. The CSR policy is based on the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact, which we joined in 2010.

The Ten Principles are defined from the topics of Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption. As a participating company, we report annually on our progress in our daily work routines to promote and improve our contributions as a company within the Ten Principles. Therefore, we work continuously within our own company and with our customers to create initiatives that will enable better working conditions and reduce the impact on our environment. 

In co-operation with our customers and business partners, we attempt to raise the bar for how to run a profitable business – both for ourselves and within the industry. In 2015, our company was nominated for the CSR Strategy Prize for our high level of ambition, because we include environmental impact, social responsibility and circular economy in the very core of our business and we actively attempt to influence the industry in a more sustainable direction. 

FSC™-certified furniture

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The Nordic Swan Ecolabel

UN Global Compact

Total cost of ownership

We value a product by its entire lifespan through the cycle of use and not just at the initial cost of buying the product

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2nd life programme

When we dispose of furniture it does not just end up in the trash.

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Tested for quality & durability

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