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Facility Management, IoT & Space Management

Digitisation constantly creates new opportunities for how Facility Management can make strategic choices that support the core business.

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Karl Ryberg: Colours are your brain’s software

Generally, nature’s colours are important, as it is in the natural world that we humans have learnt to interpret and understand individual colours.

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Øivind Slaatto: Lighting has colours as well as contrasts

Good lighting is about creating functional lighting with multiple light sources, so as to avoid over-illumination and stress.

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Karl Ryberg: The right colours at the office

The brain ‘consumes’ energy from light and colours, so it’ll be a bit like eating potatoes and gravy every day – you get tired of it.

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Co-working Spaces

It started as office hotels, where small businesses could rent office space within a larger office community.

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Invest in workspace and enable productivity

When designing the office space at the workplace, space efficiency and cost-reduction often takes the primary focus.


Workspace for the dynamic workforce

Freelancers and the self-employed find inspiration, professional sparring and esprit de corps in working communities. Companies can learn a great deal from working communities – motivation, job satisfaction and innovation.

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Well-being for introvert and extrovert

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5 tips for better acoustics in the office


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