Learning & Meeting

Today, meetings are held both physically and virtually. Meetings are held in a more or less planned way by managers, external guests and employees.

Many employees spend much of their day in meetings, which often have different characteristics.

It is no longer only a question of management meeting with department managers, who subsequently hold meetings with employees.

We therefore design our solutions around two basic types of meetings:

Formal meetings, where both employees and external guests participate. It is worth noting that, in these situations, the conference room serves both a practical and a representative purpose.

Notably, if the external guests only experience the meeting via a monitor, it is important that what they see, hear and experience is of good quality.

Informal meetings can be both planned or improvised. Interior design should therefore support the employees' ability to meet naturally without disturbing others.

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Work zones

Crossing Point

Physical intersection points that invite spontaneous and informal meeting activities, knowledge sharing and chats over coffee at the office.

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Meeting room

Intelligently designed conference room suitable for formal meetings, training and conferences – both virtual and physical


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