Activity-based working

Activity-based interior design is essential to all of our interior design solutions. We create interior environments by analysing employees' daily work activities and usage patterns.

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Concentrate & Focus

Work tasks that require concentration and where an employee will often work alone

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Learning & Meeting

From formal meetings and teaching/learning situations to informal, spontaneous meetings on the fly

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Socialise & Recharge

Social activities ranging from eating and networking to relaxation and recharging

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Collaborate & Interact

Employees work in permanent or changing teams or in project groups

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Does your interior design generate productivity?

Well-being, motivation and productivity are inextricably linked. Your employees’ well-being at work drives the motivation that generates increased productivity. Investments in an improved working environment and more intelligent interior design are therefore also an investment in your business productivity.

Activity-based interior design

We all work in different ways and the open office environment does not offer many opportunities to be different. At B8 – Work Smarter, we work together with the customer and in close dialogue with the employees to find the right interior design. Activity-based interior design provides a different kind of office environment where employees can seek out a variety of work areas depending on whether they want to discuss work with others, work with focus or hold meeting activities.

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You can always contact B8 – Work Smarter and get an estimate on your interior design solution. Our interior designers visualise the plans so you can see what you’re buying. We are also happy to help create clarifying workshops with your employees, where together we can decide what your new interior design should contain.