Ray Tables

RAY tables are available as single and double tables in 3 different heights 62/66 cm (size mark 3), 76.5 / 80.5 cm (size mark 5) and 85/89 cm (size mark 7).
The difference of 4 cm indicates the height of the worktop against the user at the horizontal and inclined worktop respectively.

RAY tables differ from other teaching tables in their design of frames. Where standard tables are fitted with 4 legs, RAY tables have a curved frame in which the tilting function of the worktop is incorporated. The tables can be fitted with castors that allow you to move to alternative arrangements that support multiple teaching styles.

The standard rectangular countertops are supplied in laminate with black ABS edge and the stackable countertops are supplied as CDF with black core.
As an accessory to the RAY tables, chairs, wheels and bag hooks are offered.